A comparison between the works of william wordsworth and samuel coleridge

In Biographia Literaria, Coleridge wrote that a poem must be a cohesive unit, with every part working together to build into a whole.

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Furthermore, the primary and secondary imagination is a concept that was unique to Coleridge, and although Wordsworth incorporated imagination into his poetry, he primarily called upon other sources of inspiration.

Then, one day, unexpectedly and for no apparent reason the mariner shoots and kills the albatross whose dead body falls on the shoulders of the mariner, while his fellow crew members look at him in schock and bewilderment.

It was written between and and it is about an old sailor who stops people to tell them his story as if compelled by an external necessity or duty.

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The ship is therefore sailing south, into storms and ice. In addition, the dialogue is hard to interpret so this source will make it easier to understand.

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Objective critics like the New Critics and formalists could shed light on the synergy created by the interaction of the various parts of Coleridge and Wordsworth's poems. He believed that high quality poetry is the result of imagination being involved in the process.

Then, nature makes him feel lonely. Annotated Bibliography 1. This source is of value to me because it we help me grasp a better idea of the poetic relationship that existed between the two. His literary style is quite peculiar as well, he adopts devices such as alliterations, assonances, onomatopoeias, internal rhymes, repetitions that have a musical sound and recreate the necessary unreal and, at times, mysterious atmospheres of awe. The book does cover background information about the period in which the men lived, and that is both good and bad. Both poets pay close attention to form and diction in their work, and create poems that are independent units of thought. Poetic Themes Wordsworth focuses on two main poetic themes, nature and childhood. A full view of his life allows me to see why he may have thought differently than Wordsworth, and it also gives me better assessment of his character. Unlike Wordsworth though the nature he outlines is not happy but foreboding. Essay on William Wordsworth: Nature vs.
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