A summary of the novel barn burning by william faulkner

Abner, also, was a so-called war veteran. Early the next morning, Abner wakes Sarty and the two of them return the rug to de Spain.

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His brother is already with them. The first print of the story was published in the June issue of Harper's Magazine. However, despite the servant's protest, Abner forcefully enters the house with horse droppings stuck to his shoes.

He hits Sarty. Sarty is walking away as his family heads off in the opposite direction. The next day, the Snopes reach their new house on Major de Spain's land. In defiance of the request for politeness, Snopes pushes past with a racial insult and tracks the excrement all over the white rug in the front room.

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De Spain is right behind him, about to run him over. This fact is important to note because, otherwise, we might consider Sarty an anomaly, but with his mother and aunt's agreeing with him, his role as an advocate of justice is more convincing.

Summary of barn burning by william faulkner

Sarty, his older brother, and his father get into the family wagon, where his mother, aunt, and two sisters are waiting. When his father orders him to get more oil, he briefly hesitates. Sarty makes a wise decision of choosing his sense of duty and justice over his family, especially his father, at the end. We also discover that Harris' barn is not the first barn that he has burned. Other underlying themes are: Clashes between different classes, courage, youth, family, and the search for peace. The following weekend, Abner and his sons are summoned to the courthouse as Abner accuses Major de Spain of charging him a huge compensation for the rug. He tells Abner he's going to charge him twenty extra bushels of corn to pay for the hundred-dollar rug. After doing so, the judge asks Mr. He mourns the loss of his father who he seems to assume is dead , but is no longer afraid. Sarty is called up to testify against his father, and he knows he's going to have to lie and say his father didn't burn the barn. Abner warns Sarty that he has to stick to his own kind and his own blood--that of his sharecropper lifestyle and his barn burning father. Faulkner's stories are set in the south of America where he grew up and was familiar with the lifestyle of the southern people. Early the next morning, Abner wakes Sarty and the two of them return the rug to de Spain.
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William Faulkner's 'Barn Burning': Summary and Analysis