Agreed bundle

This is very important. Documents in manuscript, or not easily legible, should be transcribed; the transcription should be marked and placed adjacent to the document transcribed.

An ordinary non-fiction book will have a table of contents at the front listing each section or chapter in the order it appears with the page number, and there will also be an index at the back listing alphabetically people, places, topics etc. In closing, the C set out for the first time the precise wording of the declaration it sought, effectively in the terms of paragraph a above.

About 6 months later, it sold the site to GRA Acquisition Ltd, with a view to the development of the site for residential housing in conjunction with Galliard Homes Ltd. Make sure you have got your first bundle right before copying however many more you need.

This means that each party has to select, out of all the documents, those documents which they require to be included in the Trial Bundle. This can be done in manuscript. I would suggest that we set a deadline of 2 weeks later - i.

core bundle

These are the documents drafted by each party's barrister which set out concisely, and often in a technical legal manner, what each party alleges. There are, however, a number of disadvantages to seeking to determine any application at a preliminary hearing.

The copies of the witness statements, affidavits and expert reports in the bundles should have written on them, next to the reference to any document, the reference to that document in the bundles.

electronic bundle

No bundle of authorities is necessary in cases where parties are not relying on any authority at the trial. Your query may prompt them to reconsider. All the parties will also have all the evidence and copies of any precedents collected together in one place, making it easier to refer to information during the trial.

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Preparing a Court Bundle