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The most telling piece of evidence comes when Teddy dreams of "Andrew Laeddis," the firebug supposedly responsible for burning down his apartment complex. That war, its prologue and aftermath, supplied the dark undercurrent of classic film noir. This debate shows some signs of being rekindled: growing understanding of brain physiology is reawakening interest in tinkering with its workings. And finally he enters Ward C. Rather, it's highly probable that they are conducting an elaborate mind-control experiment on Teddy, in an attempt at implanting a false memory into his already troubled brain. Teddy is being brainwashed First and foremost, let's get one thing straight: Leonardo DiCaprio's character—whom we'll hereafter refer to as "Teddy"—is being brainwashed. Popular Blog Posts. Teddy, of course, figures it out… but what can he do about it? Isn't it a bit odd that he wouldn't describe the arson as killing both his wife and children—i. Teddy is not a U. Sheehan's role play is to allow Andrew to see for himself how impossible and absurd his conspiracy theory is by actually letting him investigate it to its end. According to Gilligan, those cryptic last words mean: "I feel too guilty to go on living.

Light leaks out of the sky. Sadly, even he doesn't seem wholly certain: he explains that he stayed out of the scripting process. However, before he falls into the clutches of the lobotomists, he utters a line that isn't in the book. Teddy is first introduced to the first layer of the island when he is allowed access to the ferry.

So why all the mystery?

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To this island travel U. I remember saying to Marty: 'I have no idea where I am or what I'm doing right now… what's going on with this guy?

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And finally he enters Ward C. So, yes, perhaps Teddy isn't simply a clean-cut G-man. The evidence supporting this claim is staggering and obvious.

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People read into things all kinds of ways - but you should have concrete evidence from the source material to back those theories. Of course, the doctors are unsuccessful, as Teddy's repeated relapses indicate that he systematically rejects the memory as not being his. It's dark. It's just one moment of sanity mixed in the midst of all the other delusions. Throughout the film, we here the question " Why are you all wet, baby? See for yourself… It probably goes without saying, but we'll say it anyway: what follows is one massive spoiler on top of more massive spoilers. It is, as they say, a dark and stormy night. It was one of the most challenging, but at the same time I relish those experiences. It's both shocking and a cinematic twist for the record books… but don't be fooled! Teddy does, in fact, remember that he burnt down his apartment building and killed his wife. Debunking the Conspiracy Theories I teach classes on literature and literary analysis and one of the hardest techniques to teach students is how to accurately analyze a text, based on what is on the page. Rather, it's highly probable that they are conducting an elaborate mind-control experiment on Teddy, in an attempt at implanting a false memory into his already troubled brain. Comment Email Copy Link Copied While we have a Shutter Island review where you can leave comments, we've set up this as a place where you can discuss spoilers about the film without worrying about ruining it for folks who haven't seen it yet. But Scorsese leaves the ending up to the decision of the audience. Who'd ever find out?
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