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Before this book my world was sunshine and rainbows.

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Like my father, I have no answers. What's the story? A young Pole Kapo tells Eliezer and the other new prisoners that they should help each other. In the second case, the hanged boy, still alive, twists and turns on the rope. After being in the camps for a number of weeks, he accuses God of being uncaring and unjust and believes himself stronger than God because he is now separate from God. The Hungarian police, using clubs and verbal threats, round up the Jews and herd them onto the train. He thinks his study will bring him into eternity. That existence has horrors, there can be no doubt. Brutality in the camps is commonplace. SS guards shoot any prisoner who cannot keep the pace. Continue reading Show less Is it any good? And the rest of the world remained silent for a very long time. A Jewish inmate tells him that Jews are being exterminated at this camp. Men are forced into overcrowded barracks, where they pile on top of each other, smothering those beneath them. In fact, this may be one of the most painful books you'll ever read.

Toward atonement. Six weeks before liberation his father dies.

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Why do you think they decided against it? I had only been told in the vaguest terms what had happened, that so many millions of people had been killed, that Hitler and his men had sought to exterminate the Jewish people. The Norwegian Nobel Committee called him a "messenger to mankind," noting that through his struggle to come to terms with "his own personal experience of total humiliation and of the utter contempt for humanity shown in Hitler's death camps," as well as his "practical work in the cause of peace," Wiesel has delivered a powerful message "of peace, atonement and human dignity" to humanity. He describes himself and others in the camp as lost souls forced to endlessly wander in an abyss with no hope of redemption or release. At one point I even demanded that he explain this…thing to me. And in a substantive new preface, Elie reflects on the enduring importance of Night and his lifelong, passionate dedication to ensuring that the world never forgets man's capacity for inhumanity to man. After they arrive at Auschwitz, Wiesel and his father are separated from his mother and sisters but manage to remain together during the nightmare months that follow. Valdez Schneider at. Which shouldn't be too hard. Amidst the cruelties of man, Eliezer gives an harrowing account of life in the camps, his abandonment of his father and his loss of faith in God. Rather, this is a story about a young Jewish boy who survived all those terrible things. I've only got five fingers on either hand.

How were the German girls that lived within smelling distance of Auschwitz able to pass love notes to the soldiers that marched their skeletal prisoners past?

In the foreword, the French writer Mauriac suggests that all human suffering, even that of the Jews, can be reconciled in the Cross of Jesus. A young Pole, who may be a communist because he refers to the men as comrades, tells them to not give in to despair; they need to put their faith in being alive and believe that liberation will come.

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While the author and some others are being marched to a different camp, their German guards flirt with, kiss and tickle young German girls. Yet nobody would believe him. At one point I even demanded that he explain this…thing to me. Elie Wiesel won the Nobel Peace Prize in for his writing and advocacy about the Holocaust and making sure no one forgot the atrocities that the Jewish people and other minorities faced. At least 70, of what they deemed "asocials. You can choose to look away, if you want to. When it's over, you can only really be relieved. One of the most horrifying memoirs ever written, Night was first published in English in And then we turned our backs. How were the German girls that lived within smelling distance of Auschwitz able to pass love notes to the soldiers that marched their skeletal prisoners past?

In the camps, the SS guards are callous toward their prisoners. In stark, simple language, he describes what happened to him and to his family.

Only when confronted by them do we discover the true mettle of our faith. And he felt so much guilt and shame when his father died, and he did nothing to help him. It's difficult to endure, even secondhand through words on a page, to witness such crimes against humanity and the impact it can have on even the most faithful.

Eight months later, the Germans evacuated the camp and forced the survivors on a death march that ended at Buchenwald. This is a story about the loss of innocence and faith, and one boy's fight to remain humane in the face of an evil that denies him his humanity. And like so, Night reveals the Abrahamic essence of faith.

Wiesel and his father were able to stay together until his father died at Buchenwald just 4 months before American troops came to liberate the camp.

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Book Review: Night by Elie Wiesel