Brand analysis louis vuitton

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Also the sector has expanded by the increase of wealthy luxury consumers and the arrival of new luxury markets. Model with Louis Vuitton Bag. London : Kogan Page. Behind it is the idea of expanding into the market between the mid-levels and the super-premium. Pricing is the round number only. It requires a consistent integrated strategy, innovative techniques, rigorous management control and constant auditing. Additionally the page will include pictures featuring the makeup and press releases of celebrities wearing the new makeup line.

Photograph of Louis Vuitton. Focus on Heritage Louis Vuitton was founded in in Paris and is one of the oldest luxury fashion houses in world.

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Louis Vuitton as a founder in The LV luggage is much more durable; especially around the edges that is well sewed. Lee, M.

Brand analysis louis vuitton

Retail Industry, Nevertheless, with the current fast growing developments and complexity of the global business environment modern and sophisticated business methods are required to manage luxury goods Okonkwo, , p2. The LV boxes are not like any other brand that mostly come with the heavy size but easily rotten during delivery. Louis Vuitton's Counterfeit Crusade. If Louis Vuitton named its products by running the numbers, its product probably look simple and lifeless like any other brand. The videos will be vague and a call to action to visit the website to receive more information about the line including the ability to buy the product. Louis Vuitton also has no set of products for sales, no outlet, no license for any other third party. Distinctive from Competitors The Competition In the challenging luxury market, LV faces quite a number of competitors. It increases exposure of the brand through its high accessibility, leading to a loss in exclusivity, while also tarnishing the brand value and image at the same time, as negative associations are formed of the brand because all sorts of people are able to carry a bag with the LV logo. Karl Lagerfeld 2. Louis Vuitton Mission Statement. Magazine Advertisements: Full page, color advertisements will be printed in all major fashion magazines around the world in which Louis Vuitton currently advertises. Also it is easier to clean this clothing than any leather. The following table shows the comparison of the three brands.

Catalogs: To coincide with LV new product announcement we plan to giveaway 10, high quality 6x9 booklets containing full page photos of the new makeup line. They are becoming more informed about luxury goods.

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However, for a brand of its reputation and standards, the website is overly simple with little interactivity between the company and the customer. Consumers will generally pay more for the LV name brand because it signifies some extra quality besides a handbag.

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Brand Analysis Report: Louis Vuitton by Jennifer Feng