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He tells them their place: "It says in the Torah, only through a man has a woman an existence.

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She decides to marry him, but her father needs her after her mother's death, for he is helpless in the world and becomes ill. This is not a light book.

Anzia yezierska

Her mother is so ill that Sara hardly recognizes her, and Sara feels guilty. She is lonely but self-disciplined, always envying the lifestyle of the rich Americans and desiring education, which can lift a person from the cycle of poverty. Rosy Stein Rosy is one of Sara's ghetto students whose mother is happy with her progress under Sara's care. Mumenkeh helps Sara find something to sell and gives her blessing: "Go, make yourself for a person. The two become friends and find they have much in common. She falls in love with Jacob Novak, a piano player from a rich family. The front room is reserved for the father and his holy books, which he studies all day while the other members of the family support him, as is the old tradition for a scholar in the family. In an amusing scene in Red Ribbon, between Yezierska and the ever-cheerful Will Rogers , he tells her to drop the sad Cinderella act and have a good time now that she's rich and famous: "Gal! He calls her a silly kid, and she tears up his letters and her hope of finding love.

It's enough that Mother and the others lived for you. Martin Japtok explains in "Justifying Individualism: Anzia Yezierska's Bread Givers" how Yezierska's language in the novel illustrates her piecing together of her own story.

She graduates and returns to New York for a teaching job to find her mother dying. They most often sold wares from pushcarts or worked home industries, making clothing and other items. They seem to be at ease laughing and playing.

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Dewey took a different stand, believing that immigrants brought their own gifts to the country and could enrich the culture. Sara has wanted a home of her own with Hugo, but she cannot cast off her father. He seems to like her as she is, innocent and plain. Smolinsky accuses Reb of driving suitors away, he says he will find suitors for his daughters by going to Zaretsky, the matchmaker. She goes back to her geometry. Sara graduates soon after and with the money she won during an essay writing contest she rents for herself a bigger and cleaner apartment. The house is dirty and packed with too many people and things. Economically the people were squeezed out of their professional roles and wealth, and jobs became more menial and harder to find.

She is miserable because he is fifty-six and smells of fish.

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