Chapter 15 cardiovascular system answer key

Lumbar arteries supply muscle of the skin and posterior abdominal wall. In the capillaries, the force for filtration is provided by blood pressure. The anterior cerebral artery supplies the medial surfaces of the cerebrum. Central venous pressure is the pressure within the heart.

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An average size of an adult heart is generally 14 cm long and 9 cm wide. The inner layer is the endocardium.

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The common carotid artery communicates with these regions by means of the internal and external carotid arteries. The heart acts as a pump which move the blood through the blood vessels to the tissues and organs of the body.

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The myocardium is composed of cardiac muscle tissue. The axillary vein is formed by basilic and brachial veins. The two upper chambers of the heart are the right atrium and the left atrium.

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