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For example, half of the students can be asked to watch a video on a certain topic and the other half can be asked to watch a different video, with a different viewpoint. Communicative competence redefined what it meant to "know" a language; in addition to speakers having mastery over the structural elements of language, they must also be able to use those structural elements appropriately in a variety of speech domains.

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New York: Newbury House. They are: 1. It is conceivable that the effects of the paradigm shift are still only being felt partly.

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In the Communicative Approach, authentic texts are usually favoured, as they might provide learners with exposure to a more genuine use of language. Language teachers and students interpret classroom activities through their own frames of reference Barnes,which are sometimes different.

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Appropriateness: Language used reflects the situations of its used and must be appropriate to that situation depending on the setting, the roles of participants, and purpose of the communication. When various subject areas are taught jointly, learners have more opportunities to see the links between subject areas.

Communicative language teaching principles

Slavin, R. Construing experience through meaning: A language-based approach to cognition. Swan also suggests that, in CLT techniques, whatever languages a student might already know are not valued or employed in instructional techniques. Oxford, R. Bax asserts that many researchers associate the use of CLT techniques with modernity and, therefore, the lack of CLT techniques as a lack of modernism. The Post- Method Era Good teaching is regarded as correct use of the method and it s prescribed principles and techniques. First, to facilitate the communication process between all participants in the classroom, and between these participants and the various activities and text. ESL through content-area instruction. Many students may be unaccustomed to working with others of academic tasks. The idea is that language competence is necessary for learning in all subject areas. A key link between curricular integration and the CLT paradigm shift lies in the concept of going from whole to part rather than from part to whole. Capra, F. In addition, a method refers to a specific instructional design or system based on a particular theory of language and of language learning. Prospect, 9 2 ,
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What is the Communicative Approach?