Comparative politics

Moreover, the theoretical concerns of comparativists are in no way confined to the boundaries of any one culture, and even those who are inspired primarily by a desire to better understand other places and cultures often find that to do so most effectively they need to orient their primarily inductive empirical work along broadly comparative and deductive theoretical axes.

Why is economic performance used as a criterion for appointment in some autocracies but not in others? We argue that in more competitive—though still autocratic—regimes, the political imperatives of maintaining an electoral machine that can win semi-competitive elections leads regime leaders to abandon cadre policies that promote economic development.

Only if anti-system obstruction of legislation posed a threat to the survival of legislative democracy, individual legislators became willing to unilaterally surrender inherited powers to control the plenary agenda to party leaders. But like any field of intellectual endeavor, there is no consensus among those who study comparative politics concerning what the field is about.

Comparative Politics Comparative Politics Comparative Politics is one of the oldest fields of political analysis, forming the basis for much of the writings of political philosophers throughout the ages.

Importance of comparative politics

Carolyn E. You are also expected to complete independent study outside of class time. The approach can hone our theoretical models, challenge existing conceptual categories, and help develop portable political insights. I show that these two models provide a more comprehensive understanding of a diverse set of the most infamous recent backslidings in the United States, Venezuela, Hungary, and Turkey. Completing this unit should take you approximately 6 hours. We will examine different characteristics of government as factors in our study of comparative politics. Work and visibility of faculty and graduate students in comparative politics are enhanced by projects of the Program in the Cross-National Study of Politics , including annual workshops on topics of special interest.

Voters are thus responsive to changing housing wealth positions. Losers whose parties are strong locally tend to overestimate their popularity nationally and thus become more disillusioned after the first elections.

theories of comparative politics
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