Comparing and contrasting zoo and the

They will try to control their pet animals in terms of breeding. This may lead to reduction of exotic animals such as rhinos and elephants. Pet animals do not face any dangers. Writing tips and writing guidelines for students,case study samples, admission essay examples, book reviews, paper writing tips, college essays, research proposal samples Wednesday, December 5, Comparing and Contrasting Zoo and the Rumm The acquisition fiction stories entertain us and teach lessons or so life. Human beings should also strive to protect different types of animals not only for their ecological purposes but also for their beauty and attractiveness. Concluding statement restate in new words your topic sentence Conclusion 1. This is an objective in order to try and help in ensuring that these pet animals do not extinct in the future. In your essay, you will want to include phrases similar to those below: A. Lions, cheetahs, panthers and other forms of carnivore animals need to feed on these antelopes and gazelles. This hole was discovered after a shrine was destroyed by a typhoon in a small fishing village in Japan. People should allow animals to live in their natural environments in order to assist the biological and ecological processes. Therefore, they are dependent on humans. Restate the thesis using new wording. The final draft will be handwritten in class and home or typed at home. Animal Behavior And Wildlife Conservation.

As tame and wild animals have similarities and differences with each other, humans also have similarities and differences. However, there are many similarities too.

similarities between zoo animals and wild animals

So, wild animals are very dangerous and ferocious. In a controlled environment, animals breed depending on the number of offsprings the zoo officials want to have. The similarities and differences observed in animals in the wild, in the zoos and as pets show that it is important to protect animals and take care of them.

Animal Behavior And Wildlife Conservation.

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These different localities impact the lives of animals differently. Some of the similarities of keeping animals in zoos, as pets or in the wildlife include: all these three habitats provide animals with a safe place where they can stay for nutrition and procreation without any dangers.

Comparing and contrasting zoo and the

However, in.

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