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She really is quite serious about not returning to public life when she is done with her role as secretary of state. The fact is, you can -- you can walk hand-in-hand without seeing eye-to-eye. And God says that those who care about the poor, God will care about them and God will bless them. We don't always find answers. Jesus said I am the way. Good luck with the rest of the diet and good luck, and happy Easter. NOONAN: I think one of the things here that will have some impact on the election is that every time a jobs report comes out, Americans look at the number, see if the arrow is up or down, and then they look at each other and say, they don't count the people who have given up looking. So there is not a sense of forward momentum here. And as Chrystia said, if it was about race, if it was about a certain kind of class, well it is that, but any other element we would be outraged.

There's over 2, versus in the Bible about the poor. About a year ago, I was doing a baptism. In the first year I've lost 60 pounds, and our church has lost overpounds.

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Of course, everybody's world-view informs how they vote on any particular policy. Berlin launches on Oct. But if the whole story line going into the summer and coming out of the summer at convention time is a stalled recovery or multiple months slipping backwards?

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What's the state of the nation spiritually? Current Issue. I think we have to be careful, though, you know, one month doesn't make a trend yet. But this is not going to be a campaign it seems based on a prescriptive, positive vision about what they're each going to do in should they take office. Can't be taken. How do you council parishioners who come to you, congregants who come to you struggling to make ends meet? News David Chalian. And -- but when I seriously thought about it, he was right. But let's be clear, he -- he gave his critics an opening here and the White House knew it. That was the big thing that was on her CV. But the issue here is not about women's health. He was stark. I do want to get to the topic that we addressed at the top of this segment which is Hillary Clinton as a possible presidential candidate. Chrystia Freeland, editor of Thompson Reuters Digital.

Some of the highest moments in our life are still tinged with that little piece of everything is not perfect. And I was like, what? They're are big debates here in California and nationally about how to solve the problems of the deficit, how to solve the problem of -- of spending much more than we take in.

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'This Week' Transcript: Rick Warren