English yearly exam study notes year

Half-an-hour in the morning, an hour in the evening?

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These could range over the short questions in section A, the experimental questions in section B and the long questions in section C. The examiner is there to help you reach your highest potential.

What we really should be doing, is compiling constant study notes throughout the year. Waiting at the doctors?

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Eventually though, there are tragic consequences. The reform the dead poets society and explore their owns hopes and dreams.

English yearly exam study notes year

Waiting at the bus station? The habits you build in Years 9 and 10 will set you up for success in Y11 and Y You will have to analyse a graph or a chart in this question. Break it down. It is not possible to predict the allocation of marks within a question — the allocation can vary hugely and in unexpected ways. It is essential to practise it as it takes most students over an hour to do this question. Therefore you must keep up with the material covered in class. But after five or six ABQs the speed naturally develops. In order to avoid the shock and stay on track for your final years, you need to develop some good study habits that will mean you start Year 11 with an edge. In the filiocht section, if you are asked on theme, only on theme and not feelings or emotions.

It will help settle your nerves on exam day. Points must be supported with relevant and accurate quotes.

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