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Take-off does not materialize into sustained growth due to poor quality of investments, Due to poor resource mobilization, there is continuous reliance on foreign resources, Existing framework does not indigenize elements such as innovation, creativity and learning.

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Pakistan airspace to remain closed till Thursday midnight Pakistan's airspace will remain closed to commercial flights until midnight on Thursday, the country's civil aviation authority said. Consequently, economic growth could not picked up as planned.

For example, in education before prescription, there are several questions that need to be answered to understand the current situation and place the role of government in some perspective.

The instability of government, inefficiency of political parties and a weak political culture make Pakistan a politically instable state. Land reforms have been implemented against the will of people. Pakistan begins crackdown on groups accused of violence Pakistani authorities have begun a crackdown on groups it claims are linked to banned organisations. If you have any evidence, give it to us. An infuriated Islamabad, which denied any casualties in the Indian bombing, launched its own incursion across the Line of Control LoC , the de facto border between the two countries in the disputed Kashmir region. Poverty incidence declined to What were the reasons of other wars and conflicts between India and Pakistan?

Kashmir shelling resumes after release of captured Indian pilot Indian and Pakistani soldiers again targeted each other's posts and villages along their volatile frontier, killing at least five civilians and wounding several others, officials on both sides said.

The instability of government, inefficiency of political parties and a weak political culture make Pakistan a politically instable state.

Shakir Ullah was allegedly stoned to death by inmates of Jaipur central jail on February Domestic interest rates on lending have dropped to as low as 5 percent from 20 percent substantially reducing financial costs of businesses. If you have any evidence, give it to us. While incidences of domestic terrorism have reduced, in part due to measures taken by the Pakistani state, extremism and intolerance of diversity has grown. Source: www. Shukla's comments came as Indian and Pakistani soldiers shelled military outposts and villages along the highly militarised border in disputed Kashmir. The resolution came a day after Pakistan's foreign minister skipped the meeting to protest the host's decision to invite India, a non-member. The same mistakes are repeated again and by the time it completes its tenure no tangible results are achieved, compelling its successor to deem the policy a failure and restart the process. In the result, land become inelastic and one cannot increase the amount or supply of land. Turkey's Erdogan welcomes pilot's release Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan welcomed Pakistan's announcement to release the Indian fighter pilot it captured after downing his jet, Prime Minister Imran Khan's party said.

Al Jazeera's interview with Pakistani information minister "It is stated policy that we will not allow any armed groups to operate or use Pakistani soil and the monopoly on violence will rest with the state," he said. Shimla Accord objectives are: - India was to seek peaceful solutions to disputes and problems through bilateral negotiations and neither India nor Pakistan would unilaterally change the existing situation.

He crossed over into India by foot, escorted by Pakistani troops and Indian diplomats. There is an urgent need to conduct a proper land reform for improving agricultural growth.

current situation

There was no immediate comment from Indian officials about the latest maritime incident.

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