Fish farming business plan philippines children

The second method is irrigation ditch or pond systems for raising fish. This stocking is done every two months, hence at the maturity time of a set we already have three younger sets waiting. Currently our farm is running on a six main staff strength, the two third of the unused part of my plot where I live is been used for the farm which makes supervision easier, the plot and a vacant full plot next to mine have been purchased to support this expansion.

Have you estimated the impact of changes in fish prices and feed costs on projected income?

fish farming business plan philippines children

Please don't be decieve by the popular saying that a fish sells forpresently in lagos and ogun state, the big size sells for towhile d medium sells for to ,and the small sells for to Suitable Fish Species Selecting suitable fish species is very important for maximizing profits form fish farming business.

What type of oven is recommended from d kilning process?

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Large quantity attract a discount For more information, call or Re: Investment In Catfish Farming things you need to know by adfabb m : pm On Mar 30 To smoke a fis follow a simple process which begins with selection of averagely size fish between grams for easy smoking and drying. Feed and feeders Feed quality is important in fish farming and is vital to fish health. Good transportation system will be very effective for marketing your products and purchasing necessary commodities from the market. That's how you do the calculation on a weekly basis, so as to meet up with their feeding terms, and you can plan to feed them 2 or 3 times in a day, but their must be a fix time for the feeding. It also help to reduce the cost of filling your farm land with water. Catfish farming Catfish are easy to farm in warmer climates. Related Papers. Although the design of a pond depends on the fish species you intend to raise and your location. The first method is the cage system which use cages that are placed in lakes, ponds and oceans that contain the fish. Next in the staff list of six is the Manager Assistant Segun Adejana, he is equally a graduate, has worked with various farms around Lagos and has comfortably worked with me for two years. And some areas have plenty of natural resources, which are very effective for fish farming business. Monitor the health of your fish on a regular basis. It is important to make sure that the fish are properly monitored,turned and trays are exchanged between the upper and lower chamber,Also you can add ginger shaft to the fire source to give it a special aroma,also collect the fat and put in a bowl place it inside the oven,it will fry and the fish oil can be collected for further use.

This still left a huge deficit oftons, hence the concerted effort to ensure self-sufficiency in fish production through aquaculture in Nigeria. Large quantity attract a discount For more information, call or There are hydroponic beds that are placed near the plastic tanks.

Have you made an estimate of investment costs and annual cost and return?

ornamental fish farming business plan

Presently, the selling price for a kilo of cat fish is N Edith Onwuka and my company name is Tekland International Ltd, I took up the business of fish farming when I resigned from my job as an accountant in an oil company in Will you have harvesting and transport equipment, or do you have a suitable arrangement for harvesting your fish?

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