Head wounds

cut on top of head

Consider seeking immediate medical attention with any form of head injury as the consequences of unrecognized or inappropriately treated head injury may be potenaatially serious. They will also look carefully at the head, face, and neck.

Most bleeding from minor head wounds is not serious, however. You may be given diuretics if your injury has caused pressure buildup in your brain. Head injuries can range in severity from a mild bump on your head to a serious brain injury.

hit top of head

The treatment of head injuries depends on the type of injury and the patient's condition. Locate the injury and assess the severity, then focus on stopping the bleeding.

head injury management

In these cases, you may be told to take acetaminophen Tylenol for the pain. Some of these blood vessels lie deep within your skull, while other superficial arteries and veins are quite close to the surface of your skin.

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Head injury: Types, symptoms, causes, and first aid