Hooking up xbox 360 controller to pc

When prompted by the driver update warning, click Yes. Select the version of Windows 7 that matches the processor on your computer: Windows 7 bit only From the Languages dropdown list, select the operating system language. Before you dash off to play, however, we strongly recommend bookmarking, Evernote clipping, printing, or otherwise saving this tutorial if you have an aftermarket dongle.

how to connect xbox 360 controller to pc windows 10

In this case, you can contact Microsoft support for further assistance. Step 2: Install the Xbox gaming receiver software If you have the installation disc that came with your Xbox Wireless Gaming Receiver, you can install the software from that disc.

Click Next.

xbox 360 controller driver windows 10 64 bit

Once you see the pop-up notification that the drivers have been installed, you can use your controller. The redesigned controller launched with the Xbox One S console and has a smaller plastic molding along the top. The Xbox program installs the necessary files on your computer.

how to connect xbox 360 controller to laptop
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How to Connect an Xbox Controller to a PC