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While Apple has started adding collaboration support to their iWork apps, Google Docs remains the standard bearer for simple collaboration.

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Anything you would do while standing, for starters. It has unparalleled features for organising long-form writing projects, including the gathering of research materials and a plethora of tools for mapping, contextualising, and annotating text. If you are looking for something different in a word processor, Mellel is developed with features specifically designed for academic work. Now you can follow these steps: Open the Settings app on your iPad and tap General. Google has also sown up deals with universities everywhere, which often means unlimited file storage is available. Begin by finding the text you want to copy nearly every app on your iPad that lets you write, read articles, or browse the Web offers copy-and-paste functionality. Changes have either explicitly relevant to education users, or favourable by virtue of the way developments to both hardware and software suit the various use cases for students, teachers, and researchers alike. Unless you want to swap between a Smart Keyboard and Smart Cover. It includes subtle features to bridge the gap between rich text and plain text writing. Apple makes the most popular one of these keyboards.

Tap Bluetooth from the options available and then, on the Bluetooth screen, move the slider to On. It was iA Writer on the Mac that first converted me to Markdown.

The other option is a Bluetooth keyboard. What you end up with is an app that has all the elegance of a minimal text editor with the extremely clever ability to manage serious writing projects.

Beyond Word and Pages, there is always Google Docswhich has admittedly improved on iOS since the inclusion of multitasking support.

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If you are already a Markdown convert, you are well served by the text editors available on iOS. Next Level Automation Despite my enthusiasm for these other apps, as I mentioned above, most of the writing I do on the iPad is in Editorial. To go back to the regular keyboard, tap the letters button. Despite my enthusiasm for these other apps, as I mentioned above, most of the writing I do on the iPad is in Editorial. I mentioned the way that Ulysses can cleverly organise text above. Ulysses is an excellent combination of a lean and distraction free text editor with a more integrated writing tool. This means the document outline, footnotes, bibliography and so on, are part of the workflow rather than an afterthought.

Type them on your keyboard and then press Enter on the keyboard. It is easy enough to hack your way around it for shorter works, but the more in depth the referencing required, the more tricky it becomes.

The Magic Keyboard just plain feels better. I briefly outlined a case for why I think that is a good idea for note-taking herebut the portability and future-proofing are just as relevant to all forms of writing.

Small keys. You can use it to write what you like.

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You can configure your keyboard options by accessing the "Settings" menu from your iPad's home screen, and tapping "General," then "Keyboard.

I put this down to a consequence of maintaining some of the strengths of that app, adding certain features would interrupt its design.

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