How to write a screenplay pitch meetings

How to write an elevator pitch for a movie

But if I were to boil down all of the principles, examples and pitching templates the book provides for creating, rehearsing and delivering an outstanding pitch, it would result in these seven steps: 1. But you really hate pitch meetings. It's Man Vs. Literary agents have phone lists that average at least a hundred calls a day. Your "leave behind" is a short page treatment, that, like all treatments, is advertising copy, designed to present and sell your story enthusiastically. Here is where these elements of your pitch can be most powerful — after your buyer knows the essence of your story. This is their game face, when they hear pitches. And even if you could, you've left no time for the buyer to react to your story by asking questions or giving suggestions or expressing his interest. As any good salesperson will tell you, you have to ask for the sale to close the deal.

The Pitch Slam — and the entire conference — should be a very special event, and a great opportunity. Forget hold-all-calls if you're just the writer.

how to write a screenplay pitch meetings

What if you could pitch your film in exactly the right way to exactly the right people? Avoid depicting too many subplots or details. Pitching is the style of presentation; you have to win someone over with the energy and theatrics of it.

The only way you'll get her to do that is if she believes the end result will be a big profit. He hires a crusty old shark hunter to help him, and he practices diving in Bermuda, near real sharks. But don't make the common mistake of comparing your film to another film creatively—unless you are pitching to a producer, you want to pull comps from a business standpoint.

You're aware it's a little like man vs studio, what you just went through, but you go on with your week.

how to get a movie pitch meeting

They get all settled in, and stare. Because it's a pitch you have less than two minutes to deliver.

Great movie pitches

You might use them at the onset of a meeting to rope listeners into a more detailed explanation, or perhaps insert more details in between these sentences. It is the Town of Sell, built on a foundation of hype, fear, greed, insecurity and ego. You say yes to the trades, even though you're smart enough to have carefully read The Hollywood Reporter and Daily Variety that morning so there's no surprises in the meeting. It means knowing the personalities and intricacies of your characters. The only way you'll get her to do that is if she believes the end result will be a big profit. Impossible to tell. You wait. And as for hearing back from Mark or Sheila about it? You've got to get your work read, which means you've got to put yourself out there in a positive, committed way and make people aware of your talent. Shark idea? Can you reference your idea with a few movies that have been successful, including the amount of monies those films have grossed. Be animated, enthusiastic, and concise.

Let us think about it, get back to you.

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How to Write a Pitch in 8 Essential Steps