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Neither can management exists without an organization both are inseparable. These materials are to assist, direct you during your project.

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The extent of effective internal control depend on the environment, management risk, assessment, the accounting information and communication system, control activities and monitoring.

It refers to an investigative audit in which accountants with specialized on both accounting and investigation seek to uncover frauds, missing money and negligence. The system of internal control provides assurance to management of the dependability of the accounting data used in the decision making of the organization.

Moreover, this definition makes a clear view of the role of internal auditing as assurance and consultancy activities that add value to the organization and increasing financial and administrative performance.

However, the focus by internal audit departments of publicly traded companies on SOX related financial policy and procedures derailed progress made by the profession in the late 20th century Moller,P There where no financial reports or summaries of the cash flows.

For this importance this study aims to identify the role of the internal audit in controlling the financial and managerial performance in the Palestinian corporations taking in considerations all the aspects that would limit this purpose of the internal audit department.

Noted that this study addressed the internal audit of the door of the main characteristics of the internal audit departments did not address adequately to assess the role of these sections in Performed the tasks and achieving the objectives assigned to it.

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Section covers the internal controls that have been setup by the company. As a source for additional understanding of the subject 2. A client during the course of financial period so because it is client during the course of so because it is undesirable for an auditor to carry out a hundred percent check on all the transactions enters this. The subject is worthy of attention because internal auditors are important, even crucial, in an economy that relies upon independently produced information Van Peursem Al, This study determine the extent of the commitment of listed Companies in the Malaysian financial market standards issued by The Institute of Internal Auditors. In , the department moved into an old building situated at the junction of High Street and Bannernam road at James Town. The following chart describes the way we will spent the research time. Kwame Aveh. They work for government agencies federal, state and local ; for publicly traded companies; and for non-profit companies across all industries. As described often in the professional literature for the practice of internal auditing such as Internal Auditor, the journal of the IIA -, [14] or other similar and generally recognized frameworks for management control when evaluating an entity's governance and control practices; and apply COSO's "Enterprise Risk Management-Integrated Framework" or other similar and generally recognized frameworks for entity-wide risk management when evaluating an organization's entity-wide risk management practices. In adding, the service collects taxes from certain identifiable groups. Overall, there was a lack of the control environment in that: 1. Time limits: research deals with the reality of internal audit and its impact in increasing financial performance, and the researchers collect data as they can because the available period was too short two months only and they want to applied this research for joint stock companies also in west bank but because they can't.

Effective internal control system is vital for the survival of any organization it serves as a check on fraudulent activities of the management and employees an organization and it brings about solutions to likely fraudulent acts in an organization.

It is important to understand the roots of internal auditing and the way it has developed over the years.

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The audit procedure prepared does not address all internal control. Safety, security, information systems performance, and environmental concerns are increasingly the subject of audits. Likely human error caused by stress of work load, alcohol, carelessness, distraction, mistakes of judgment, and the misunderstanding of instruction. They are all self employed but service has entered into agreement with the executive members of such grouping and associations and collect the taxes rates negotiated with the executive members on daily, weekly and monthly basis. The purpose of this paper is to define internal controls, explain the purpose it serves in the business environment, and common internal control measures. The following chart describes the way we will spent the research time. To ensure the existence of a structures framework for efficient and effective channeling resources.

Most importantly, external auditors, though engaged and paid by the company being audited, should be regarded as independent and remain third party. Keshta Author Thabet M. The existence of internal control measures in an organization should lead to an efficient and proper control system with the detection and minimization of fraud, and errors when they occur.

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