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Most likely, the Company will hire a qualified business broker to sell the business on behalf of Radio Station, Inc. Growing market segments. For you to source for advertisers on your station, you must make your audience base and quality of your programs top notch such that can attract client to place advert on your station.

These channels are most appropriate initially because we are seeking to gain recognition in the industry.

How to write a radio station proposal pdf

We will produce high quality programs and our programs must be wonderfully produced. We will look at what other stations are doing. Strengths of the Business Excellent quality product "Which means that" Adds to reputation. You should provide as much information as possible about your pricing as possible in this section. No one ever goes into business for charity; except if you have spelt out from the outset that you in it for charity. We are about giving new, fresh talent a chance to express their skills and to give them a platform to showcase their work Capital Community Radio Station is an independent radio station that will provide local broadcasters the opportunity to create innovative and groundbreaking projects that challenge, provoke and inspire. Jan A Organise training program to be implemented. Be controlled and operated by an autonomous body which is representative of the licensees community of interest. Programs that can demonstrate appeal and affinity to this group are of great interest. In today's market, niche programs can gain a lot of visibility on the Internet for example. Establish connections with entertainment advertising agencies and marketing firms. The internet radio business plan will include discuss: Station format, i. Aug A Policies and procedures Develop policies and procedures manual.

Public Radio News Listeners are coveted. Leveraging on the various social media platforms to advertise your internet radio station is one sure way of driving traffic.

Produce a monthly newsletter that shows examples of your products and how customers have benefited from using them.

However, after you have launched operations; you must not relent to continue the hard work of researching and coming up with ways to run your internet radio station in the best of ways that might continue to generate more listeners, advertisers and ultimately more money.

Complaints will be received by a responsible person in normal office hours; Complaints will be conscientiously considered, investigated if necessary and responded to as soon as practicable; and complaints will be responded to in writing within 60 days of receipt Complainants are advised in writing that they have the right to refer their complaint to the ABA provided they have first formally lodged their complaint with the licensee or received a substantive response from the licensee and are dissatisfied with this response A responsible officer of the licensee will maintain a record of complaints in a permanent form, for a period of at least 2 years.

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Respect each persons legitimate right to protection from unjustified use of material, which is obtained without an individuals consent, or other unwarranted and intrusive invasions of privacy Not broadcast the words of an identifiable person unless that person has been informed in advance that the words may be transmitted or in the case of words which have been recorded without the knowledge of the person, the person has subsequently, but prior to the transmission, indicated consent to the transmission of the words or the manner of the recording has made it manifestly clear that the material may be We will handle complaints and other comments from members of the public by ensuring Compliance with the Codes of Practice or a condition of the license; A minimum of 50 on-air announcements every year containing information about Community Broadcasting Codes of Practice and how audiences may obtain them.

Also, you must identify the type of music and talk-show that appeals to them, and come up with a creative program that can keep them stuck with your station.

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Volunteers have been into local shopping malls with a simple survey form. A successful internet radio station will have a solid plan for advertising and marketing the station and subscriptions. Jan A Try and up-sell all enquiries for our standard range to our premium range.

business plan for radio station sample pdf

We will do our own surveys and we have already attended three public meetings.

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How to Write an Internet Radio Business Plan