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Black's film is incisive in its examination of how IMF and World Bank policies, determined by the G7 countries, led by the US, impact on poor developing countries.

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Having made modest strides in shaking off the legacy of slavery and colonialism, on the road towards self-reliance during the first decade of independence, Jamaica was suddenly plunged into deep financial crisis by the rise in the price of oil in The only sector of the Jamaican economy that is expanding at this point is the security guard business.

In farming villages that formerly provided livelihoods to virtually every family, there is nothing but unplowed fields and abandoned houses nowadays. A tape of this documentary would be an excellent organizing tool for the former and a classroom resource for the latter.

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In addition, there is a group of three heavily dreadlocked 'rasta' men who function as a kind of Greek chorus. What could the protesters possibly be objecting to?

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Then, you only have to deal with one company and one payment.

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