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Order is truly the first need of human life. The experience that were bestowed to me during my short life has elevated me to the woman I am today. Once I got to SUNY Purchase College, where graduation took place, the news of Jackson no longer occupied my mind, but the worries of tripping in my four-inch heels surely did. Originally my family is from the Netherlands. We should work hard and be successful because if one does not work hard then one will not know what they are capable of in terms of how far can they be pushed to reach a goal one has longed for, for so long. Having no wisdom will never make a man wise; too much wisdom does not make a man wise either. The present day provides impediments which I believe I can overcome by way of morality and virtue. On the other hand, virtue is the concept of something that is good: a virtuous person is a morally good, an admirable person who acts and feels well, rightly, as they should. I come from a single parent background, where we live from paycheck to paycheck. Courage levels out to be the happy medium between bashfulness and conceit. Our virtue is what makes us different.

A few centuries later, Thomas Hobbes ' beliefs challenged Aristotle 's views. Virtues of My Life Virtues of My Life : In order to survive inthere need to be at least some standards and goals of morality in a person's life.

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For example, you cannot play in the streets and if you do, you might My Life vs Life of the Poor words - 2 pages The life I now have and the life I am glad I do not have are different in terms of the things I have.

Aristotle believes that happiness is the ultimate goal in life. I believe this means education will make a person well rounded and if one studies a particular subject they are known as an expert in that subject.

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Happiness just does not come from the money one makes, but it comes from being able be honest and being able understand what is rightfully good and bad. Virtues are universal and recognized by all cultures as basic qualities of well-being. Being too wise of a man keeps you from experiencing life in a better way. Freyer did not appreciate the value of comic books. But in the world today, this goal is a little harder to achieve at times. They will come to us for guidance and help. The foolish man lacks the ability to apply his knowledge to his action. Practicing virtues allows us to develop our potential, and live a more purposeful, better life; a life not ordinary but extraordinary. A combination of these two forces will allow man to become wise, wise enough to make reasonable decisions, but foolish enough to pursue new experiences. Life brings many different experiences that vastly change humans slightly, significantly, or completely. I am very thankful that I get to choose the things I want just like someone less fortunate they get to pick through donated items. I can feel better about myself and not be so timid, but at the same time, courage is not something which I can abuse. People will know us as someone with an exceptional character who makes the right choices and strives for excellence in all we do. Being able to experience a tragedy is a tragedy, but also it is an eye opener to people that life is too short not to be happy. Our virtue is what makes us different.

Patience is the tolerance and the ability to wait. The magnanimous person is very complex and displays the proper virtues at the proper time, and in the proper way.

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If courage is abused it can easily generate into conceit or egotism.

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Virtue and Happiness Essay