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Just then, a loud bang was heard inside the room. He was topless now, clad only in a pair of corduroy knickers.

why did mallam sile not care that he was being robbed

Mallam Sile also thanked Allah for giving his neighbors the will and the courage to finally accept him just as he was created. But her strength was just too much for him.

What contradictions are presented in lines?

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Sile kept a small radio in the shop, and whenever he had no customers he listened, in meditative silence, to the English programs on GBC 2, as though he understood what was being said.

What do these details add to your understanding of the story?

in mallam sile the knife probably represents

Young girl, I have no knife, I am not a hunter of meat, And I am not savage. There were also three benches that were meant to be used only by those who bought tea, though the idle gossips who crowded the shop and never spent any money occupied the seats most of the time.

It will be completed soon, Inshallah.

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All I know is: my heart is aching. Abeeba carried herself with the grace and confidence of a lioness, and covered her head and part of her face with an Islamic veil, a practice that had been dropped by most of the married women on Zongo Street. He tightened all the muscles in his body and craned his neck. The tough guy greeted him politely, something he had never done before. How does Mallam Silerespond to hardships brought about by his health? It was built of wawa, a cheap wood easily infested by termites. He knew that, despite their praise, and despite the smiles they flashed his way, some customers were at that very moment thinking of ways to cheat him. Mallam Sile was still engaged in his morning zikhr, or meditation, when Abeeba returned to the shack. Come and separate the fight, oh! He lingered there all day long like a stray monkey, and by dusk he had dismantled all the aluminum roofing sheets that had once sheltered him and his business. But still the rascals derided him.

How does Mallam Silerespond to hardships brought about by his health?

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