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There is an intense rivalry in the production of dolls, especially between the Bratz Company and Mattel Inc. Customer satisfaction, operations within the set laws as well as the production of high-quality products should never escape the plans of the company.

Firstly, the collapse of major markets and the deterioration of various economies is a major blow to the Mattel Inc.

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In the years to come Mattel would enter the ever growing electronics industry, they would also enter several joint ventures and licensing agreements that would earn them more profit Mattel inc.

Mattel, a true toy industry off-shoring pioneer, began manufacturing toys in offshore locations to take advantage of lower manufacturing costs and to focus corporate resources and attention on building brand Mattel inc. A business must make sure that their standards and principle are ones that their global contractors and subcontractors adhere to when manufacturing products for the company.

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The major threat to Mattel Inc. The company has also put into consideration all the economic factors, by ensuring that it produces highly competitive products, such as the Barbie and the American Girl dolls. Loss of interest in children, because they lack leisure time, developments of the internet and online gaming activities, is a major threat to Mattel. Other brands such as Hot Wheels and American Girl also have the flexibility to accessorize and customize consumer needs and desires. Lastly, The Mattel Company has also been able to promote human rights and protection of its employees, by observing the minimum wages, working hours among other factors Cincotta et al. A lot of weaknesses that Mattel's key brands may well have are definitely the lifespan of their products. There should be regular inspections to make sure that their products are lead free. The shift in preferences by the various clients is also a major blow to Mattel since many children prefer the internet to playing with dolls in the modern world Cincotta et al. The problem that Mattel faced was being able to rebound from the recall of all of the toys that had levels of lead in the paint. Facebook Twitter.

Mattel simply needs to find ways to incorporate the new needs of young consumers — such as technology, less time devoted to playing with a doll, youth interests in music, movies, and entertainment -in Barbie to positively impact its sales status and growth. Conclusively, Mattel Inc.

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