Online vigilantism

Later, it came to light that not only was the accused not the person in question, but the actual criminal was in jail and had been for years. The television series To Catch a Predator, aired 12 episodes featuring this form of sting operation to lure predators into sexual liaisons.

Online vigilantism is good

They left a mark with the arrest of Canadian pedophile Chris Forcand. Main article: Project Chanology Project Chanology was a protest movement against the practices of the Church of Scientology by members of Anonymous , a leaderless Internet-based group that defines itself as ubiquitous. He created a web site, spreadingsantorum. The Internet has obviously amplified the potency of gossip and public shaming. Back in , a South Korean woman took some manner of tiny dog on a subway, where it promptly shat on the floor of the car. All Guttman did in response was to make a simple webpage that included the pics of Gomez and a description of what happened. The couple had to hide from multiple people who doxed them, harassed them via email, and tried to convince his employers who defended him to fire him. One form is the reporting and deletion of any sensitive information regarding an individual or group that can lead to their identity being known. Advertisement Advertisement The incident went viral over the weekend after a Facebook user posted an account of what happened at the Tampines Avenue 8 petrol station. Continue Reading Below Advertisement It was after the Siuchan earthquake in , when Zhang made what amounts to a YouTube video bitching about how the earthquake and all its victims were really ruining her day. Advertisement 8 Sasha Gomez and the Stolen Sidekick A year-old New Yorker, Sasha Gomez, made the unfortunate choice to steal the phone she found in the back of a cab.

Consequences Participating in online hunts for evildoers might seem like pure good, but it leaves aside the consequences for the people who are identified. The story wound up on Digg and everywhere else and, well, you know what comes next. Aside from this, vigilantes should also consider that they may be working with incomplete information and may end up instigating attacks on innocent people.

Sim Lim Square. What else has this woman accomplished in her life?

Online vigilantism

Senator Rick Santorum's views on homosexuality, and comments about same sex marriage. This incited a new shitstorm and earned the brother a reprimand from his military bosses. South Korean politeness just about ran its course at that point. Project Chanology began its campaign by organizing and delivering a series of denial-of-service attacks against Scientology websites. Nominated MP Walter Theseira also shared about his experience being harassed online after a comment he made to the media on CPF policy was taken out of context by an online website and posted on Facebook. As a result, Aiplex went offline for a full 24 hours while the MPAA's website was unreachable for 22 hours. The manager's contact information hit the Internet, including Google Earth shots of his home. At any rate they abandoned such tactics in

Snail mail, as the kids call it, started arriving at Ralsky's mansion by the truckload. Would the police act so swiftly if the video of the incident had been given to them directly instead of being posted online first? Search, and Bing.

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8 Awesome Cases of Internet Vigilantism