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For example, one paragraph focuses on health effects, the second focuses on psychological effects and the third focuses on the social effects. The worst situation that happenedfrequently is the workers havent gain access typically to perform maintenanceor to replenish supplies or raw materials ink, oil, water, or toner.

The writer makes no errors in grammar or spelling that distracts the reader from the content. In a words long, write an essay describing the information shown below.

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This means that all doors and windows should be properly closed and locked before leaving the house. The writer makes minimal errors in grammar, structure and spelling that does not affect the readers understanding.

contoh assignment oum

OUMH These can cause crush injuries, lacerations, bruising, sprains and strains to thepart of the body that is hit or trapped. They do not believe that they can become the victim at the crime until it is too late.

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The writer makes some errors in grammar, structure, or spelling that affects readers understanding. We should involve ourworkers in lling out the checklist. Thischecklist will help us to address the manual handling issues in the workplace and reduce the risk of injuries due to manual handling. The latest statistics which shows at least cases reported every day is a clear proof that the crime escalating at an uncontrollable level. Submission after 17th July will NOT be accepted. The second recommended solution is to organize neighborhood watch to ensure safety of its residents. I humbly ask that all Malaysians join hands with all the agencies involved in fighting crime at all levels such that we can all live in a safer nation. We have already launched four main initiatives in our battle to reduce street crime. Everything on the switchboard are not clearly labelled.

YesNoAre items that are regularly-used within easy reach? YesNo 10

Oumh 2203

Some people believe that better health education is the answer to this problem but others disagree. Analyze the content of the above diagram. The volunteers will be unarmed and will only patrol when accompanied by PDRM officers. The first practical solution is by taking preventive measures by the house owners. We as the guardian of the society always took the matter seriously when it involves the safety of the civil society. Use appropriate transition signals in your writing. Environmental concern raised by the textile industries stem from two sources, theprocesses involved in textile manufacturing and hazards associated with the way theproducts are used. There is a strong evidence of plagiarism. Crime impacts all Malaysians, irrespective of age, education level, gender, race, religion or wealth. Your assignment must be submitted between 09th - 17th July
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