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This voluntary agreement pledged that member nations would work to reduce greenhouse emissions to levels by the year The winner was the simplest strategy known as tit for tat, the policy of cooperating on the first move and then doing whatever the other player has done on the previous move.

The monetary contribution to this fund is proportional to the difference between the effect of a country to climate change and its commitment.

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The intention was to agree on a post-Kyoto legal framework that would require all major polluters to pay for carbon dioxide emissions. References Fukasaku, Yukiko Jan 20 Harrabin, Roger. Its aim is to tackle the issue of climate change, a complex and ambitious issue to resolve that affects the world as a whole and that therefore requires international cooperation Pollution and growth: what do we know?

The main objective is to globally reduce the emissions as every emission contributes to the greenhouse effect i.

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Some other points made by several authors may be listed.

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Lessons from the Kyoto Protocol