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So you draw your first sample of and compute the average. A rationale states the problem, defines key terms and notes objectives.

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International comparative research can help researchers and policy makers to observe and characterize consequences of different practices and policies for different groups, under different circumstances.

Conversely, research on agricultural problems fre- quently provides the model system for basic scientific discoveries; for example, work on potato diseases led to the discovery of viroids previously unrecognized disease agents that attack humans, animals, and plants.

Each one of these projects represents benefits, such as future cash flows, and risks, such as high initial cash outlays and the failure to gain market acceptance.

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Most case studies arise out of counseling or remedial efforts and therefore provide information on exceptional rather than representative individuals.

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Mention who the research within the rationale will be helping. You have to explain in what ways your research contributes to the achievement of your long-term career aspirations in a detailed way. However, it, too, cannot be expected to Policies affecting trade in technology and intel underwrite a marked expansion in the nation's overall science and technology effort in agricultural, food, and environmental research. Types of Sampling There are several ways of doing this. Federal Sector The federal governmentrecognizes its responsibil- ity as a major source of support forbasic research. Studies such as PISA, for example, demonstrate that high average performance does not have to be associated with the wide disparities in performance found in the United States. The strength of the case study approach is its depth, rather than its breadth. The superintendent in our example would employ systematic sampling as follows: 1. The pool of talented scientists is large enough to put such an expanded program to good use.

In an increasingly interdependent world, they provide useful insights into the socioeconomic structure of other countries and cultures.

It can also cause a lot of high anxiety if you have not written a rationale before or did and failed.

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The proprietary considerations that underlie such reticence are reasonable and likely to remain strong. That increase should therefore be funded by the fed- eral government. All these benefits do not flow automatically from every study. In contrast, an award at the higherlevel would provide a principal investigator with sufficient funds to pay for research supplies and to support at least one graduate student, one postdoc- toral research fellow, or both. Given the pressure on states to fund state respon- sibilities that are continuously increasing, they will almost certainly not tee able to increase their proportion of research funding. The public receives this return on investment in agricultural research not in the form of a dividend check but at the supermarket checkout counter and in a myriad of everyday products and activities that improve the U. It does all of this in a small amount of space in a concise manner.
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The Rationale of Sampling