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It was when we care for each other, we treated each member as our friends, and not just a group mate. You can use checklists to ensure that students create time for reflection in meetings, so that they come to understand that reflection is integral to group work, and factor it into their future meetings.

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It may also indicate that you are managing your time effectively and you feel comfortable with your current workload and responsibilities.

For our questionnaire we decided to use the simple tool known as surveymonkey ; an online website that takes you step by step through the creation of your own questionnaire. Reflection Paper Siyuan Wu How did it developed during history? Survey The professor of this class told us to take two surveys which tests our technical skills, human skills and conceptual skills, task orientation, relation orientation and the stress overload rating.

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Lastly, what could be improved is our discipline. Importantly, it also helps students to identify how the group might function more effectively next time.

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I can agree that the procedures and function of group structure was indeed similar as described in our book. Having mainly websites as our form of resources made it harder to find out certain information such as the author, when it was published, if they had taken their information from a different reference etc. Leave a Reply Your email address will not be published. Are the components of communicative competence comprehensive? Effective leaders stay in control by managing through a balance of both task and relationship oriented behaviors, as appropriate, to make sure the objectives and goals are successfully accomplished. He always offered us a ride, be it when we went for the tour and after every group meeting. Criticism in an effective group is constructive and frequent. Split up the work To begin the marketing research module course work, we sat down as a group and decided to go through each of the three elements and split the work as equally as possible. Cohen, S. It was when we care for each other, we treated each member as our friends, and not just a group mate. Attending this group was important because of the profoundness of its meaning and experiences I have witnessed. For example, I was the one who collate all the power point slides and standardized all the fonts, font size, and theme.
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(DOC) Individual Reflection on Group Consulting Experience