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Nursing Standard. Speaking about the darker side of team work, when the feeling of oneness among the team members is missing then, however, technically strong a team is it would lead to failure of accomplish of task.

C Concepts and Practice. One says he is a very good listener but misinterprets what was just said. In conclusion the management systems in place on the Urology ward were very efficient. Hawthorne effect Mayo, When we are working for the client, in the early stage of the project we are not monitored by our client, so there is less pressure on each member of the team and we used to take it for granted.

Also during brainstorming discussion about a topic, it is very much required to understand the ideas of our colleagues.

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Nursing Management. A Framework for Leadership. Moiden, N. This would make the team balanced. In our team even though everybody are capable of working to there full potential , some of our member lacked few technical skills to accomplish their task in specified time or due to lack awareness about what they are expected to perform. The second was that everyone working as a team in the Trust is vital to its success. The author also tried to ensure that at least one staff nurse who was on a late shift was on an early shift the following day to ensure continuity of care and ensure sufficient staff for the theatre days. Marquis and Huston argue that written communication is employed most frequently in big organisations and can include policies, procedures, events and changes. As a team, it is also required to recognize the strengths and weakness of every team members. There would be no co-ordination between them and everyone would try to blame or criticize others. The ward also argues that all staff are aware every patients condition using the team nursing approach for the delivery of patient care and are therefore competent in the provision of consistent care for the duration of the patients stay on the ward. This would make the team responsible for all the activities and work together as a team. One of the components of team nursing is that there should be a team leader. But sometimes, it happens that no one takes the blame or the responsibility for failure.

Analyze and discuss the idea shared by the other person carefully. Co-ordinator: A person who is mature, confident, promotes decision making and delegates work properly. All our team members had a good co-ordination among ourselves.

Moiden, N. The camera took the story of the winners and they received the plaque.

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