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Scully shows that for each home game won during an early s season in MLB the average club's attendance was raised by about 3, attendees. The case argued that the rest of the league colluded to keep average player salaries from rising in a year they expected them to skyrocket and unfairly punished teams that did not collude.

In most professional sports, teams must adhere to a predetermined amount of money to find good players, which is determined by a somewhat complicated mathematical equation involving how much money the league made in the previous year, ticket sale profits, merchandise sales, television contracts, divided by how many teams there are and something do to with the Mayan calendar.

Antitrust laws exist to prevent businesses from conspiring to artificially limit demand, set prices, or restrict pay. It is also very lopsided - only six teams have won the title since Owners always bring up annual revenues and costs when negotiating a salary capbut only focusing on those figures is extremely shortsighted.

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There have been many arguments for a salary cap in baseball due to teams with large payrolls consistently making the playoffs and eventually winning the World Series.

When a multi-million dollar contract is awarded to a player, the salary isn't necessarily divided up evenly each year.

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For players in less lucrative leagues, that one percent is a dream—over a full season, some barely break into the five-digit range. A substantial body of academic literature supports this claim. While players can make up for this through endorsements and other off-the-field appearances, they still may view salary caps as giving discounts to billionaire team owners by suppressing their wages below what they could achieve in a truly free market. Teams have also been building bigger stadiums and arenas to fit more fans, which boosts revenue and in turn increases players salaries. Should that need to spend coincide with a sudden acceleration of "dead money", they could find themselves at risk of exceeding the salary cap and in need of taking drastic decisions to avoid the penalties. Fans do not solely care about sport based on closeness of competition. With big paychecks come big responsibilities … to Uncle Sam. The idea was not outlandish.

When the salary cap and floor are the same, the result is a standard form contract model of payment, in which each player is paid the same amount, sometimes varying by position.

Read more: How and why economics is taking over sports At the end of the day, leagues should make competitive balance policies with an understanding of the implications for players.

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From the ownership side: Salary caps make team ownership more manageable.

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