Sample scientific report land use in

Sample scientific report land use in

A number of recommendations are already included in the text of Chapter 10 or other Chapters of the land cluster. Topsoils were collected from 34 sites, considering different land uses. Five land uses were chosen: ornamental gardens, parks, roadsides, forest and agricultural.

Typically, there is little local involvement and neither the executive nor the sectoral agencies have the commitment to implement them. Whatever degree of public intervention is chosen, a professional team is needed to build up an informed opinion on the management of the land and to advise decision-makers on the range of options open and the consequences of alternative decisions.

The slope was classified into four levels by thresholds of 2, 6, 15, and 25 degrees The workshop had selected the following three themes for discussion: i the integration of objectives and policy formulation for planning and management of land resources in rural areas; ii managing a planning process for the use of land resources in rural areas with all stakeholders; and iii possibilities for sustainable economic development in rural areas, with emphasis on nontraditional uses of land.

Agro-ecological land resources assessment for agricultural development planning.

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The Commission invites Governments, international organizations and groups to increase their efforts in this field. The role of the planning team The planning team has several important contributions to make to implementation.

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