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Additionally, Samsung was involved in supply chain management SCM projects, which may involve either design or improvement or both.

Some people are afraid of the results of change in their lives. With corporate settings changing, innovation is necessary to foster an open mind and to improve productivity.

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Going forward, it will inspire the world through new technologies, providing the market with new innovative products, and will be ready to establish creative solutions while creating a prosperous future by enhancing stakeholder value.

However, I think the big-picture questions that are perhaps most interesting with respect to this case are the questions about the identity crisis that exists in the U.

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The issues continue to have substantial relevance today, because the environment that business faces continues to change at accelerated rates. Samsung should focus on its core competencies and continued innovation in all market segments of memory not just DRAM. There are many styles of leadership available in the market force for the organizations. It has also proven that effective leadership and innovation is necessary for this change to the productivity to start. One of the company 's case studies discussed the timely implementation of an ERP solution for a forest products company. Companies that do not adapt will cease to exist. The other opportunity is strong demand of customers for innovative products and value-added features such as flash drive which is expected to have a significant growth for a number of years. Literature Review Every business approaches an innovative idea differently. Academy of Management Review, 33 4 ,

Apple has had a blockbuster set of years in terms of their performance on the stock market and the value of their company. It is really wildly diverse, needing to be more integrated, and it would be best for them to be in a theoretical framework.

However, there is risk of copyright infringement and losses of technology secrets with sharing of blueprints and technology with China since intellectual property IP laws are still not as developed in China.

samsung case study questions

Simultaneously, additional human recourses are required to develop supply chains to support new products and to educate market on the new product offerings.

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