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Why you absolutely need insurance before you start selling your soap, or even giving it away. We guaranteed with awards and export standards in various countries around the world. More than that, they buy into the art of the well-made bar. The soaps have natural and with unique fragrances of our. At the end of the class, everyone went home with some soap and a reminder to let it dry out for four weeks before working up a lather. A million times over, yes. Even if the hundreds of soapmakers you know say they have never dealt with a claim, putting yourself at risk is not a smart move.

Product liability insurance provides a safety net to help you deal with any claims. Do I really, really, really need insurance? The soap helps brightener and aura skin.

Soap seller

How about if I just teach soapmaking? The soap is appealing and captivating. The process is relatively simple as long as you have patience and a precise scale. FDA No. A claim from a consumer can put you out of business, and even suck your personal assets dry.

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And yes, I do realize some soapmakers choose to go without insurance. For some companies, soap ultimately becomes a loss leader. Photo by David Hilowitz Fine, fine, I get it.

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And then she gushes to her co-workers, and Susan asks Aunt Jemma if she can try a bar.

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