Stanford prison experiment review

A documentary about the experiment was released in and a German film loosely based on the experiment came out infollowed by an American remake inbut this is the first feature film which attempts to dramatize the actual events that took place.

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The main star of the film, however, is Michael Angarano. His character is what everybody would love to hate. Its plot had already been addressed in other projects but had never focused on real people who lived through this experience firsthand.

Correctional Officer". After the stunned inmate is sent back to his cell, Jesse reveals that he was recreating his own parole board treatment.

Stanford prison experiment review

A fantastic ensemble, with outstanding work from Michael Angarano and Tye Sheridan, a phenomenal script, and a wonderful style and tone lead this to one of my favorites of the year. Photograph: Sundance InStanford psychology professor Philip Zimbardo wondered if he could create a college activity more detrimental than majoring poetry.

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I really recommend this movie to anyone who is a Psychology major. This is not too violent likeBe cautious about what you're signing for!

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The Stanford Prison Experiment Reviews