Superintendent and school board relations

Board members with political agendas sincerely believe their actions serve the schools and the public interest.

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These boards usually functioned without partisan politics, and seldom did members focus on single or controversial personal agendas. This concept is tougher than it seems in that equal is not always the same. A school board should have a vision in place before hiring a superintendent.

Effective school boards are accountability driven, spending less time on operational issues and more time focused on policies to improve student achievement. Related Articles.

Superintendent and school board relations

This is probably not true if in-house candidates are being considered. The critical place to start is at the beginning. The American Association of School Administrators study conducted every ten years gives a more realistic picture of the state of school board and superintendent relations. The key here is that both receive equal treatment regarding the information provided, but not necessarily the method in which it is delivered. The superintendent must know the board well enough to be able to screen out unnecessary paperwork and meetings. School Board Service Most members serve without pay in positions that require countless hours per week of listening to citizens, reading, and attending meetings. Turnover is more usual than not. Effective school boards take part in team development and training, sometimes with their superintendents, to build shared knowledge, values and commitments for their improvement efforts. During these one-or two-day interviews, board members form an initial relationship with the future superintendent. Superintendent tenure data suggests that districts with stable boards and communities tend to attract higher quality superintendents and keep them longer.

This is the time required for board members to spend on district governance and activities. The superintendent and other board members may take offense, and the result may be a severe strain on board and superintendent relations.

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Creating a Strong School Board