The story of katniss and her life in district 12

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As the heroes, they should make some effort to help others, not just wage wars. As she says later, after a fit of confusion, "Peeta has made me an object of love" Haymitch falls off the stage while offering his congratulations. He cautiously threw the loaves to Katniss instead. Feeling guilty, she then takes out some of the nightlock berries and gives a handful to Peeta , and the two of them threaten to commit double suicide so there will be no winner. They are at the edge of the district, which is enclosed by a high fence, and Katniss often crawls under the fence and enters the woods outside, where she forages and hunts. The Feast Katniss kisses Peeta in the cave to gain the support of sponsors. Katniss returns home, and after she gets ready, goes with her mother and Prim to the town square. What would my life be like on a daily basis? Also selected from District 12 is Peeta Mellark.

Katniss is also confused as to the nature of her feelings for both Gale and Peeta, both of which are complicated by her fears for the future and her unwillingness to have children who themselves could be subjected to the Hunger Games. After her younger sister, Primrosewas reaped to participate in the 74th Hunger GamesKatniss volunteered to take her place as the female tribute from District She tries to give Rue her pin, but Rue says no, saying that that was how she came to trust Katniss in the first place, seeing the mockingjay on her pin.

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Many who live there were missing members of their family, due to mining accidents or from starvation. When they ran out she attempted to sell some old clothes to make some money, to no avail. It's a position that can be as disempowering as it is potentially empowering.

Over the next few days, Katniss moves further and further away from the Cornucopia, though she is slowed down by dehydration.

The story of katniss and her life in district 12

While they are both recovering, they see that Thresh has been presumably killed at the hands of Cato. Is this maybe a teensy bit manipulative?

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Katniss's younger sister is Primrose , who is four years younger than she is. Summary: Chapter 3 Katniss is escorted into the Justice Building and left in a room. It was located on the border of District 12, next to the wild forests. Her mother is a healer, the daughter of the town Apothecary owners. It's not surprising that the half-starved Katniss gorges herself on food in the books. Katniss's mother slowly surfaces from her depression and is able to return to her job as an apothecary, and Katniss makes an effort to forgive her. Welcome to the surreal life. Katniss's girl on fire bit is a hit. After a Mexican standoff with the Capitol, the District 13 residents took to living underground and rebuilding their strength. The baker, Peeta's father, comes in and gives her cookies, a luxury, and tells her he will not let her family starve. The book heroine was described as having an olive, ruddy skin tone. If the movies adapted to fit this version of Katniss' personality, the films could've become even stronger than the novels. For her sake, a rescue mission is mounted that succeeds in rescuing Peeta, Johanna and Annie. She flees the feast with her life, and returns to the cave to heal both Peeta and her own wounds. Madge Undersee comes in to say her final goodbye to her by giving her the mockingjay pin.

Her mother is a healer, the daughter of the town Apothecary owners. Haymitch explains: "It's all a big show.

katniss everdeen
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