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Social Service Review, 49 3 One of the primary reasons to consider promoting the suitability of cities is the effects of the increased construction to the environment.

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In addition to the proposal for redevelopment of the southwestern part of the city, some of the works of the regulatory plan, such as the project for the Albanian Parliament building, the project for reconstruction and additions to the Villa of Princess Sanije, in collaboration with Italian architects, etc.

With a vision of Urban Governance for general livability, it becomes imperative to study these parameters and ensure the evolution of our own concept of a Smart City.

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A good example of this kind of planner was Lewis Keeble and his standard textbook, Principles and Practice of Town and Country Planning, published in There necessitate an understanding that upgrading of the town facilities promotes a sustainable existence.

Without the involvement of concerned interests there is no planning. The planners' first-generation improvements included sewers, water treatment and distribution, and improved air quality through building codes and increased urban green space.

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