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Dahi Vada is another Holi delicacy which has its roots in northern India.

History of holi

The celebration usually falls in late February or middle of March as per the Gregorian calendar. We should passed away that all things, which gives us only pain to our heart and bring happiness and lots of joy on this season and be pleasant with everyone, those wants only our happiness. With just a little effort from your side, you will transit to a new world of colour, love and joy. People celebrate Holi to signify the victory of good on evil. At this occasion, people gets involved in cleaning homes, arranging goods for delicious recipes, purchasing, etc from few days ago. This festival is celebrated with joy and enthusiasm and it is a festival of unity and love. One of the commonly accepted legends of Holika Dahan is associated with the demon king Hiranyakashyap and his son Prahlada. A custom of using naturally derived colours is developing and is being practiced widely. By Lord's mercy. The main reason to celebrate this festival is to forget old enmity and come together. Troubles during the Festival of Holi: The below are a few troubles that happen during the celebration of Holi: 1. Besides exchanging sweets, colours and well-wishes, there is something more to it that I adore; It is the spirit of unity, friendship and a will to forget the past and let the present take over our lives. One day, he and his sister made a plan and decided to kill Prahalad. Persons gather branches and hays lying on the roads at one place.

But the result was the opposite to what the evil demon king planned. Festival of colors On the Holi festival, people enjoy the day by using of colors on each other with the water and also without the water, i.

People play colors on the street by singing Holi songs and dancing on the music together with their family, friends and neighbors. Prahlad was the greatest devotee of Lord Vishnu.

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On the second day, people celebrate the Holi with colors smearing and spraying at each other, singing and dancing together and relishing the sweet delicacies.

The legend is celebrated with great pomp and show. The festival of Holi is a Hindu festival which falls in the spring season during the month of March every year.

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