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Competences assessed The skills assessed at the World Bank YPP assessment center are as follows: a Client orientation; b professional expertise and c team leadership.

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The system will request each of these files at specific links; The file must be in. Of theseapproximately 60 will be referred for a final assessment by the vice-presidents, who will select around 40, who will receive proposals.

It is important that the document is not password protected and the assessor can easily access your CV. Job Proposal Following the WB YPP selection process, a job offer is made to those who have been selected, outlining the proposed salary and benefits.

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The system will request each of these files at specific links; The file must be in. International Financial Institutions give member states financial support for development in the form of loans. An academic certificate is a document which confirms that a person obtained a specific qualification or passed a particular course. Hence, it is important to observe aspects such as the amount of time that the referee has known the candidate and their relationship. Two case studies will be carried out during the AC, both related to the theme of international development. Writing a curriculum is no easy task. Generally, candidates cannot start working at the Bank until this process has been completed. In other words, it is possible that one referee is more able to assess the candidate in detail in relation to one specific competence than another. What should the reference letter contain? A diploma is equivalent to a type of academic certificate. It is important that you prepare your curriculum carefully and direct it specifically at this application. If the Bank is not able to understand them, they will ask you to re-send translated copies; Sending your secondary school certificate and education transcript is not required. Be sure that all of the information and files are correct, as they cannot be changed or updated following submission; After submitting your application, you will not be able to enter your account and review what has been sent.

The selection team requests that the reference letters focus on the competences sought by the World Bank YPP, which are client orientation client commitment, orientation for results, integrity and ethicsprofessional expertise technical knowledge, strategic outlook and capacity to analyze problems and team leadership teamwork, listening and communication, innovation and ability to negotiate.

In the s, the principal donors agreed to set up the International Development Association IDA under the control of the World Bank, which was quickly established as financially the most significant source of concessional assistance Browne 3ff.

Therefore, it is important that it has been finalized when applying; The file must not be password protected and its content must be searchable.

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