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We are more than happy to work with you and try to meet your needs. Drop us a line at support bibles.

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To get started with the API, we suggest you read over the complete documentation to see the capabilities and limitations of the current API. Copy Blinx.

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You can cache data, but we request that you limit it to fewer than consecutive verses. To use it, you include a small extra snippet of JavaScript code wherever you display the result of an API call on your website. We've optimized the code and delivery of the JavaScript to ensure that your visitors won't be impacted by its use. Further issues are mentioned in Issues. What versions are available? The book name must be separated from the rest of the reference by at least 1 space or 1 full stop e. Copyright The current version of Blinx obtains Bible passages either from BibleWorks or Logos if installed or otherwise from www. What type of applications can I build? Scripture versions are intellectual property of various publishers and license owners. To give access to the version via the API, we have to get special permission from the various publishers first. Copyright notices will need to be added manually, especially if the document is to be shared. And the Logos format is not yet preserved on insert. As such, please include the copyright information with all of the Scripture you display.

The Fair Use Management System helps provide information to Scripture publishers and shows them how their content is being used. If you are a publisher or intellectual property owner and want your Bible version to be made available on Bible Search and through the API, we'd love to hear from you.

As such, please include the copyright information with all of the Scripture you display.

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Additionally, as we continue to build the capabilities of the FUMS, you'll be able to access advanced statistics that show how the API data that you're displaying on your site is being used by your users. If there is something you really want to have access to, let us know either via email or on our forums and we will do everything in our power to work with you!

We also recommend that you clear your cache every 14 days or less because we are constantly updating the structure of our data and improving it to make it more accessible for you. Installation Close Microsoft Word and Outlook.

As long as you're using the Scripture content in a non-commercial, positive manner that respects the integrity of the Scripture text as described above, you can create whatever you want. Basically, play nice. We are definitely open to it.

Write api documentation online bible

We are always curious what developers can dream up, so please share your creations with us and the community at the Bible Search API forum. See blinx-core for an initial proof of concept. If you let us know what you want, we can approach the publishers and try our best to make it happen. We have a forum for you to explore community questions and contributions, as well as articles from our development team. If you do want to use this content for commercial purposes, you must get specific approval by contacting us via email at support bibles. Online Bible for hyperlinks Reset Blinx which can solve a few issues Abbreviations for all Bible books, which can be edited with a double-click. The initial start-up of BibleWorks, Logos or Internet Explorer hidden can take up to 20 sec on slower computers.
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