Writing a confirmation sponsor letter

Try to make it as personal as possible so the candidate feels he has an open line of communication with you. Now let me offer some tips like a good confirmation sponsor should do. Give of your time and share your gifts.

confirmation letter to godchild

Advice to the candidates: You're looking for someone you trust, whose faith you admire and who will be there for you. I have no problem saying that dad is on of the manliest men I know and one of the holiest. Begin the letter with your intent, describing your reasons for sending the Confirmation candidate the letter.

The examples can be used for many purposes including advice, reflection or influence. Most Recent. My faith has always meant a lot to me.

Describe how you plan to be there for the candidate in terms of his spirituality.

honored to be your confirmation sponsor

The parent can be a proxy at the Confirmation ceremony if the student's sponser is unable to attend. Earth is merely a stop on our pilgrimage to our eternal destination, Heaven.

Church confirmation letter example

One might even say to be a man you need to be holy. The Confirmation candidate chooses a sponsor to stand with her during her journey in faith. When these traits are mixed with the transforming power of Christ, the possibilities are endless. Always be open to friendship around you. Describe how you plan to be there for the candidate in terms of his spirituality. We both love and honor dad. I was there and saw you in the first seconds of your life. Never stop learning about your faith and working out your soul like a muscle at the gym. Ah, but I digress. Add a special bible verse that you think would be helpful to the candidate or a verse that is a family favorite. The reason for the sponsor letter is to share your thoughts on what you think faith is with the candidate.
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How to Write a Confirmation Sponsor Letter